Where is the Flex’s fl.controls.* package?

I downloaded the Flex Builder Beta 3 today and decided to import one of the samples. But I noticed that the fl.controls.* package is not part of the distribution. It appears that you need to also have a copy of Adobe Flash CS3 to get this package. I’ve created a screen-cast that shows you how to configure your Flex Builder project to include the Flash packages. For some reason the Accordion.swc class fails to be loaded. So you may have to include individual Flash classes to avoid seeing the Accordion error in Eclipse. (During the screen-cast, I forgot that the audio was also being recorded. I turned it off sometimes in the middle, you get to enjoy Peace Train for a few seconds).

7 Responses to “Where is the Flex’s fl.controls.* package?”

  1. sj Says:

    Actually, Flex has its own version of basic controls — mx.controls.* package. If you’ve a sample that uses the fl.controls.* package, it may be easier to update it to use the equivalent mx.controls package instead.

  2. sigma Says:

    Thank you soooo much! I was searching for hours for this hint!!

  3. Brian Rinaldi Says:

    Thanks for this tip. It seems that no matter which of these SWCs I import (or importing them as a whole as you do), I get the “unable to load SWC…” error. Have you figured out a solution to this.

  4. srikanth Says:


    I seem to be getting the same error as well. Followed every instruction just as presented. Any solutions so far?

  5. Doof Moof Says:

    Excelent, Thanks very much for this. I spent ages looking for a swc that i could get builder to load. didn’t think of going straight for the components source. Full code hinting and everything now. Ace!

  6. Aaron Says:

    Hi, did anyone figure out how to fix the “unable to load SWC Accordion.swc” error?

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