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Six Legs Jazz Club

January 17, 2007

Dick Cappon’s Six Legs Jazz Club strategy is built around a series of probing questions designed to reconnect you with your unique self. Your answers will point the way to a more focused and meaningful future. This little gem of a book helps you reflect and help you out what is really important to you.

The Six Legs process is easy to digest. Embedded within its core are the techniques of using silence, reflection and personal doodles to uncover your expertise and self-knowledge.

The Six Legs stand together to form a stool. When you sit on your six-legged stool, it acts as an anchor securing you to your own abilities and potential in every aspect of your life.

The first three legs of the stool will have you pull up a rock and take personal inventory. The three legs surround the question “What is your B.A.G.?” Specifically, “Where have I BEEN?”, “Where am I AT?”, and “Where am I GOING?”

The last three legs will assist you in getting your A.C.T. together. The three questions are “What have I ACCOMPLISHED?”, “How did I CREATE what I did?” and “What were my personal TRIUMPHS?”

The process will help you face your future with confidence, clarity and focus.


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